Entry Specifications SNS


In order to meet this specification, Pipeline Fluids delivered by the User to the Processor for processing under this Agreement shall be commercially free from objectionable odours, radioactivity, materials, dust, sand, or other solid or liquid matter (other than the Associated Liquids specified below), drilling muds, acid ising fluids, fracturing fluids, proppants, foaming agents, excessive dissolved solids, waxes, gums and gum forming constituents which might cause injury or interference with the proper operation of the TGPP and/or the TGPP Liquid Pipelines or which could be expected to remain in Natural Gas and interfere with the proper operation of the lines, meters, regulators or other appliances through which it flows.

Methane Content Min 80 mol%
Gas Calorific Value Min 37.5 MJ/m3
  Max 42.3 MJ/m3
Wobbe Index Min 47.5 MJ/m3
  Max 51.2 MJ/m3
Total Sulphur Max 14.4 ppm vol (expressed as H2S)
Hydrogen Sulphide Max 3 ppm (by volume)
Carbonyl Sulphide Max 1 ppm (by volume)
Methyl+Ethyl Mercaptan Sulphur Max 0.5 ppm (by volume)
Total Mercaptan Sulphar Max 3.1 ppm (by volume)
Carbon Dioxide Max 2.8% mol
Oxygen Max 9 ppm vol
Nitrogen Max 4.5% mol
Temperature Max 15 deg C
Mercury Max 5IJg/m3
Non-Hydrocarbon Content Max 5.5 mol%
Propane + Content (C3+) Max 2 mol%
Heptane + Content (C7+) Max 0.5 mol%
Pressure* Max 85 bar gauge