The SIRGE System Pipeline is a new build 234km 30" nominal bore pipeline. The system has a nominal capacity set at 665MMsfcd. The pipeline runs from the Total operated Shetland Gas Plant (SGP) at Sullom Voe on Shetland to a sub-sea tie-in on the FUKA Pipeline at the MCP01 bypass valves.

The pipeline is provides transportation services for the export of gas from the emerging West of Shetland frontier to the UK mainland market.

Ownership interests in the SIRGE System are as follows: 

Equity Interest
Equivalent Nominal 
Capacity Ownership (MMscfd)
NSMP Operations Limited
67.04% 446
INEOS E&P (UK) Limited
18.26% 121
Chevron North Sea Limited
7.18% 48
Siccar Point Energy Limited
7.52% 50

Pipeline capacity is owned on a "divided rights" basis which means that each SIRGE owner may enter into individual commercial agreements to transport 3rd party gas. If a SIRGE Owner receives a 3rd Party request for transportation services then all other SIRGE Owners will be notified of that request. If the 3rd Party wishes to proceed with the transportation services request, it will enter into a common SIRGE Transportation Agreement and an Individual Commercial Terms Agreement with the SIRGE Operator and SIRGE Owner respectively.

Under the current expectations of long-term oil and gas prices and indications given by investors, the infrastructure is expected to be operational for a minimum of 18 years.