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SNS and Breagh

Gas from the Southern North Sea is of different composition from that of the Central North Sea, having a lower NGL content. Gas from the Breagh field in the Southern North Sea is initially received in reception facilities to remove pipeline liquids. These facilities include large slug catchers, MEG storage and regeneration and condensate stabilisation. The gas is then  processed to meet the NTS entry specification in Train 1. Condensate derived from the Breagh gas is transferred to liquid storage and sold.

Since becoming operational in October 2013, the SNS processing train has had an operational uptime of over 99.4%

SNS Train 1 Process Overview

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The Breagh field is located in UKCS blocks 42/12a and 42/13a of the southern North Sea in 62 metres water depth, approximately 100 kilometres east of Teesside. Ineos holds 70% interest in the Breagh gas field as operator with Sterling Resources UK holding the remaining 30%. The development has involved the construction of an unmanned platform (NUI) together with a 100km 20" production pipeline and a parallel 3” MEG pipeline to Coatham Sands, Redcar on the UK mainland, and a 10 kilometre onshore pipelines to TGPP at Seal Sands.  The normally unmanned Breagh Alpha platform is operated remotely from the TGPP Control Room.


Gas production from the Breagh area will encourage development in what has hitherto being an undeveloped area of the Southern North Sea. The additional gas volumes will help further extend the forecast economic life of TGPP and reduce the burden of shared/overhead costs for all users during any future opex share period.