Technical Specifications

The 6km onshore section of the pipeline runs from inside the Shetland Gas Plant fence to the landfall at Firths Voe. The facilities at the Shetland Gas Plant consists of a pig launcher, HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System) and beach valve. No processing or compression services are available from SIRGE to meet the SIRGE entry specification.

The offshore route continues to head in a general easterly direction until it reaches a point to the East of the Out Skerries. At this point it turns and heads in a southerly direction, before tying-in subsea to the FUKA system at the MCP01 bypass valves. The offshore route is 228.5km in length, giving a total pipeline length of 234.5km from the Shetland Gas Plant to the MCP-01 bypass valves.

The offshore section is designed to DNV-OS-F101 with the onshore section designed BS PD 8010-1.

Linepipe material is carbon steel grade L450 FDU SAW. Fluid classification is class D: non-toxic, single-phase natural gas. The tie-in to the FUKA pipeline at the MCP-01 bypass valves is via two 12” sub-sea tie-ins.

Potential Third Party tie-in points are available at the Laggan-Tormore- Shetland Gas Plant (SGP) onshore Shetland, plus the two pre-installed hot-tap tees as shown below.

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