Exit Arrangements

At the SIRGE System redelivery point, gas will enter the NSMP-owned and operated FUKA pipeline. For new volumes to be transported within the SIRGE System, and access capacity in FUKA, the following process will be followed:

  1. Following receipt of a Service Request to transport new volumes in SIRGE, a SIRGE Owner will submit a Capacity Request on behalf of the new Volume Owner to FUKA.
  2. The FUKA Owner will respond to the SIRGE Owner within 30 days of receipt to confirm or reject the Capacity Request. The SIRGE Owner will communicate this decision to the new Volume Owner.
  3. If the Capacity Request has been accepted by the FUKA Owner the new Volume Owner would enter into negotiations with FUKA to agree a Transportation and Processing Agreement for the redelivery of sales gas at St Fergus.