Technical Specifications

The Frigg UK Pipeline commences at the TP1 bypass spool close to the decommissioned Frigg Field facilities and runs to the Frigg UK Terminal at St Fergus. It was commissioned in 1977 and has been in continuous service since that date. The pipeline is 362km long and is of 32” diameter.

A separate 110 km long, 24" diameter pipeline between the Alwyn North Field and the TP1 bypass spool forms part of the Frigg UK System and is owned by Total E&P UK Limited. Technical details on access to the Alwyn North platform and the 24” pipeline can be obtained from Total E&P UK Limited via the attached link.

A 32” spur pipeline owned by NSMP connects the Serica Operated Bruce platform to the FUKA pipeline at the Bruce Wye. Technical Details on access to the Bruce Platform can be obtained from Serica Energy (UK) Limited via the attached link.

The St Fergus Gas Terminal was originally constructed in two phases to process gas from the Frigg Field – Phase 1 in 1977; Phase 2 in 1978. Phase 3 was constructed to handle the richer gas from the Total E&P operated Alwyn Field which was discovered in the 1980s and Phase 1 was decommissioned. Subsequently, Phase 3 was expanded by the addition of a third gas processing train when the BP operated Bruce Field was developed.

The SIRGE pipeline runs from the Shetland Gas Plant (SGP) at Sullom Voe on Shetland to a subsea tie-in on the FUKA Pipeline at the MCP01 bypass valves.

Frigg UK Pipeline St Fergus Gas Terminal Process Diagram & Description
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