Entry Specification

A typical specification for gas delivered to the Frigg UK Terminal is set out below:

  • Cricondenbar and Cricondentherm are to be calculated (as required) based on the Peng-Robinson equation of state using the terminal operator’s current simulation package
  • Gas must be free from objectionable odours and from materials and dust or other solid or fluid matter, waxes, gums and gum-forming constituents.
  • No chemicals or other substances may be introduced into the gas which might be carried over into the Terminal facilities without the agreement of NSMP (such agreement not to be unreasonably withheld).
  • If a shipper delivers gas via the Frigg UK Pipeline, such shipper may be obliged to inject an agreed pipeline corrosion inhibitor at a rate specified by NSMP.
  • Although a Wobbe Index for the gas is not defined, it must be such that the Wobbe Index of sales gas exported to the Transco Terminal meets the required specification of 47.2 to 51.41 MJ/scm.
  • The Frigg UK Pipeline Entry Specification may be found by clicking here.

The gas will be redelivered to the National Grid Terminal for entry into the National Transmission System (NTS) in a condition to meet the NTS Specification, with the CO2 content in accordance with the specification applicable to the Frigg UK Terminal (currently 4% mol).