Benefits of gas processing at TGPP

NSMP's commitment to the operation and ongoing development of TGPP not only offers customers a world class gas processing service but can also deliver the following significant benefits. 


With NSMP's business being focused on midstream infrastructure, TGPP's primary business is processing of third party gas and delivering the same high quality and flexible service for all our users. 

Deep Liquids recovery

Historically, on an energy equivalent basis, propane, butane and condensate products have had higher value than sales gas. TGPP’s technology (including the use of turbo-expander compressors) and metallurgy allows the plant to operate at temperatures of between -65° C and -70° C. For Central North Sea Users using the CATS pipeline this technology, together with additional separators with enhanced separation technology added in 2012 and additional upgrades to the turbo-expander compressors carried out in 2016, now provides an average liquid extraction rate of around 14% (measured on an energy basis). This additional liquids recovery can generate significant additional revenue for customers. 

Robust and Commercially Attractive Liquids Export Routes

Our users have found it beneficial to take advantage of the petrochemical infrastructure on Teesside with sales arrangements which avoid the cost of shipping and port charges resulting in higher realised prices for the liquid products. 


From the structure of the operating team to the flexibility of the physical equipment, TGPP has been set up to optimise its processing service to match the dynamic requirements of our customers, upstream and downstream businesses. 

Performance Record

TGPP’s various awards across all elements of its business highlights that the operations team strives not only to achieve best in class standards for performance and plant availability, but that this is achieved with best in class performance in relation to quality, health, safety and environmental management.